Project: Abracadabra is a network of brilliant thinkers & creators who wear an affinity for art. We are an independent curatorial gallery project dedicated to celebrating emerging creators across the Milky Way Galaxy in both digital & physical spaces. 

We exist to create strategic discovery through a use of art directories, publications, & exhibitions in partnership with esteemed platforms, museums, & gallery/venue spaces.

Project: Abracadabra is founded by the art sorcerers & warlocks at Teamkilleveryone, the Milky Way Art Cult.

Our ties run deep into the creative industry & we are excited to kindheartedly exploit them to benefit our community of Artists.

Mostly all of our experience comes from over a decade of Artist promotions, showcases, & budding conversational relationships/support from known industry professionals. (some names including Chris Schultz, Todd Berger, Mark Gelband, Noah Antieau, John Orion Young, FrankyNines, Vicky Marshall, John Lomax, Ben Moss, Jeormie Journell, LJ Beckius, Katy Larsen, Ovis Means, Iceberg Slick, Billy O’Connell, & many others)