ai alchemist karan4d releases genesis SuperRare collection, natural synthetics

natural synthetics –

Plotinus refused to have his portrait painted. He viewed the body as a sardonic, flawed vessel for ψυχή, a poor container for soul. He had no interest in capturing a reflection of a reflection; an image of an image view on superrare

“This is a series of self-portraits, created through a blend of photography, AI, and digital paint.

This year I strive to focus on my Neoplatonic roots; to reflect on physicality as a novelty, an excrement of the immaterial. We crystallize the creases of our dynamic, imperfect dance. We sublate a moment into chain-permanence.

Our effigies demand recognition as authentic.

A single hexcode pixel transforms into a rainbow of color, and a sierra of shapes. The folds of time add topography to the fabric of life. As our cortex grows, the increasing pressure of expansion causes folds to be formed in the fetal brain.

What constitutes this ever-shifting reality? Wild arrangements of homogenous particles? Focus enough on any fold and, at the right angle, lifetimes will roar back. These are the portraits of my folds. Lost lovers and desperate daydreams, presented as mirrors to your own.” – @karan4d twitter

natural synthetics +

every crease is a library, tended to with intimate grace. triumph and trauma birth shapes and shades of self-indulgence. these sensuous folds can be flattened into a single sheet or pixel. instead, we crystallize the fabric of experience. may your gaze crease the canvas. view on superrare


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